Foss Road Beef LLC is located in Tillamook County, noted for its abundant rainfall, mild temperatures and lush green pastures. Our farm is nestled in a beautiful valley along the Nehalem River, at the site of the historic town of Foss.

High quality, nutritious pasture and silage produce healthy cattle. Our animals are born on this farm. Their feed is grown here. They never receive antibiotics or hormones. They have access to pasture all year. We feed our nutritious grass silage at an "all they can eat" level during fall and winter. This keeps them in top condition all year. Optimal natural growth rates bring them to a full size sooner, resulting in tasty, tender meat. Purebred Herefords are noted for their superior beef characteristics.


  • Purebred Hereford
  • All Grass-fed
  • No grain, concentrates or by-products
  • All Natural
  • No hormones
  • No antibiotics
  • Humanely raised
  • No branding, or dehorning,
  • No early weaning
  • Raised in a low stress environment.

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